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• Helping the community strengthen ties with its veterans.


• Assist Veterans and their families so that they can be self-sustaining and better connected to the community.


• Provide a variety of services to all honorably discharged veterans with special emphasis on those who are homeless.

• Coordinate an annual outreach event to inform and provide social and support services for honorably discharged veterans who are homeless.


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Send checks to:

Coos Community Foundation Veterans Stand Down Fund

1499 N Collier St.

Coquille, OR 97423

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2011 Stand Down Poster

Thank you list (2010)
Service Providers (2011)
Thank you list (2011)

South Coast Veterans Assistance Network List coming soon!

Thank you list (2010)

Coos Bay Web Cam

2nd Annual Coos Bay Veterans Stand Down
September 9, 2011
9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Empire Fire Hall
189 South Wall Street
Coos Bay, Oregon 97420

Thank you 2011 service providers and volunteers!


American Legion

     Bob Andrews

     Norm Fraser + Cammie, Joe & Janice

     Paul Trueax

     Wilton League


     Lovena Gage

     Clark Jones

     Bill Kehler

     Sandy Kehler

     Dennis Marsh

     Kelly Marsh

     Gene Melton

     Bill Murphy

     Bill Osborn

     Brad Perkins

     Viresa Perkins

     Richard Phillips

     Colleen Stover

Apprisen Community Credit Counseling Service

     Elke Dodd

     Lisa Bahadar

Barrett Business Services Inc

     Andrew Locati

     Barry Winters

Bay Area First Step

     Ken Annaloro

     Amy Ford

     Tasha Stafford

Bay Area Hospital - Blood pressure checks

     Barbara Bauder

     Sam Boyd

Bay Cities Ambulance – Blood pressure checks

     Tim Novotny

Bicoastal Media

     Lee Taft - Live Radio Broadcast/Emcee

Bureau of Land Management

     Dave Whan - Forklift assistance

Cardinal Services

     Amanda King

     Doug Putas

Center for Holistic Therapy/Vet Center

     Susan Aviotti

     Leslie Filedeau

     Kenn Goslin

     Keith Gulley

     Bruce Thomas

CH2MHill - Mike McDaniel

City of Coos Bay - Unclaimed bicycles

Coastal Center

     Durel Kirby

College Park Church

     Shannon Rutherford

     Earl Sims

Congressman Defazio's office - Shannon Smyth - Veterans/Military Aide

Coos Bay/Empire Fire Hall - Volunteer Fire Fighters Association

Coos Bay Toyota - Guy Hawthorne - Live Radio Broadcast sponsor

Coos Community Foundation

     Belva Mai

     Terry Mai

Coos County Airport District

     Bob Hood

     Scott Knight

     Steve Bettelyoun

     Ray Marshall

Coos County Commissioner Bob Main (on the grill)

Coos County Commissioner Cam Parry (on the grill)

Coos County Commissioner Fred Messerle (grill area)

Coos County Human Rights

     Patty Woodminor

Coos County Mental Health

     Trish Jordan

     Rich Standiford

     Ginger Swan

Coos County Sheriff Craig Zanni (on the grill)

Coos Curry Housing Authority

     Karen Grisso

Dental Van Information - Kim Rollins

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

     Larry Bingham

     Rick Staggenborg

Department of Human Services (DHS)/Seniors & Peoples with Disabilities

     Kevin Gibson

     Rick Shreckengost

     John Phillips

     Roxanne Ruhnke

     Brett Alexander

     Jerry Bingham

     Frank Chambers

     Amber Williams

Frontier Communications

     Wyatt Rutherford

     Marc Cates

Healing Touch Certified Practitioners

     Dawn Warnaca

     Mike Warnaca

     David McDaniel

Legal – Jacques Deplois

Legal – Matt Muenchrath

Legal- Oregon Law Center - Jim Young, Stephani Morrill

Legislative/Representatives - Shannon Smythe (Cong. Defazio Veteran's Aide)

Lions Eye Bank/Lions Club North Bend

     Dave Ames

     Shield Schmith

     Michael Weathers

Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) - Bill & Jeanne Rugh

National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

     Carma Winfrey-Hayes

     Tim Hayes

Neighbors in Need Council (formerly South Coast Homeless Council)

     Anna Marie Slate

Operation Home Front

     Kathleen Hutchinson

     Joanne Moss

     Debra Miranda

Oregon Coast Community Action (ORCCA)

     Jennifer Spatz

     Laura Moore

     Kim Rollins

     Mark Rollins

     Amy Stinnett

Oregon Department of Transportation Small Business Development and Workforce Development - Christie Meacham

Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs – Director Jim Willis

Point Man Ministries

     David Bowen

     Randy Brown

     Jeff Freekson

     Mike Harris

     Steve Hilton

     Don Linwood

     Scott Nelson

     Ron Van Vlack

     Mark Winders

     Martin Zucker

Salvation Army & Mobile Canteen

     Lt Kevin Pope

     Mary Graham

     Tom Graham

     Coleen Struck

     Dawn Devenny

Senator Wyden's office - Molly McCarthy Skundrick

SKEET - John Gretzinger

Social Security office - North Bend

     Arnie LaCompte

     Curt Benward

South Coast Business & Employment Corp (SCBEC) - Carol Todd

South Coast Hospice

     Carma Erickson-Hurt

     Debbie Webb

     Maria Recken

Southwestern Oregon Veterans Outreach (SOVO)

     Matt Fare

     Chester (Chet) Lloyd

     Martin Zucker

     David Bowen

     June Nelson

     Bob Duanna

     Erika Fare

     Sam Terozo

S/Nipped Low Cost Spay & Neuter

     Stacy Johnson

Star of Hope

     Pam De Jong

SWOCC Adult Learning Program/GED

     Gary Risley

SWOCC Small Business Development Center

     Arlene Soto

     Mary Loiselle

SWOCC Mobile Welding Lab - Tony LaPlante

Umpqua Coastal Housing Center - Valerie Rose

Veterans Benefits Administration - Portland

     Jordan Pallay

Veterans Health Administration

     North Bend

          Berta Balli

          John Benson - Homeless Outreach Social Worker

          Nick Long

          Melvin Tucker

          Mike Sims

          Norman Dockery

     Roseburg - Suicide Prevention - Stuart Anderson

     Roseburg - MyHealtheVet - Lynda Pope

     Roseburg - Homeless Outreach Social Worker - Susan Harrison

Vet Center Mobile Van (Eureka, California)

     Richard Freeman

Vet Center (Eugene)

     Joe Bradford

     Jim Brann

     Sheryl Elliot

     Chris Evans

     Johnny Robbins

Veterans Service Officers

     Coos County - Mary Ann Sackett

     Coos County - Kay Ducheneaux

     Coos County Retired - Fran Capehart

     SOVO - Matt Fare

     SOVO - Chet Lloyd

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) & Auxilary

     Alex Alexander

     Jim Brown

     Keith Buckingham

     Fran Capehart

     Shirley Caulkins

     Bill Chaplin

     Kay Claybourn

     Dorothy Dunham

     Jeremy Forty

     Sue Forty

     Jim Galten

     Bobbi Galten

     Jan Hester

     Daniel Hester

     Miles Hobson

     Fay Hopkins

     Iva Irwin

     Jackie Irwin

     Paul Kent

     Jeannie Kuntz

     Robert Kuntz

     Christopher Long

     Steven Long

     Yvonne Long

     Denise McMahon

     Rich McNeil

     Charr Moses

     Joel Moses

     Tish Mowe

     Twanda Murphy

     Bernice Sanders

     Jim Sanders

     Nellie Watson

Volunteers (more)

     Kermit Gaston (on the grill) & Food Quality Monitor

     Deena H

     David Kelly

     Geno Landrum - Operation Freedom Walk/Coos County Commissioner Candidate

     Pat Oberack

     Neil Ornstein

     Andy Osborn

     Terri Petty

     Marc Petty

     Dean Phaender

     Linda Phaender

     Jessica Rayl - "Ask a Nurse"

     Guthrie Wilson - Seamstress

     Jean Wilson

     Michael Noel

     Teone Taft

Wednesday Vets Breakfast

     Bob Arnold

WorkSource Oregon Employment Department

     DVOP Roy Morris

     Retired DVOP Frank Carpenter

     LVER Heather Partipilo

     Supervisor Debbie Sargent

     Veterans Coordinator Gary Dominick

Z Blues Gypsees

     John Pundt

     George Hoggatt

     Mike Carrillo


American Flag

What is a Stand Down?

Traditionally, during wartime or combat action, exhausted troops in need of rest and recovery were removed from the battlefields and provided a place of relative security and safety. Now, a Stand Down refers to a community-based intervention program designed to help the nation's estimated 200,000 homeless veterans “combat” life on the streets. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, Stand Downs have “become recognized as the most valuable outreach tool to help homeless veterans in the nation today”.

Cash donations are welcome and should be addressed to:
The Coos Community Foundation 501(3)(c) Stand Down Fund
1499 N Collier St.
Coquille, OR 97423